Project on Climate Change

Upgrading the Climate Investment Information...

The Royal Government of Cambodia has approved the National Program on Sub-national Democratic Development Phase

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Building an Enabling Environment for Sustainable...

Building an Enabling Environment for Sustainable Development in Cambodia (BESD Project) was created to assist

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Investing into Soil Organic Carbon Management for...

The effects of land use and land cover changes (LULCC) on soil organic carbon (SOC)

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Study on Impact of Heat Stress to Human...

Human productivity plays an important role in economic activity; therefore, any productivity drops will hinder

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Appropriate costing methods of climate change...

The climate change impacts coupling with poor design and construction, and lack of climate resilient

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Ensuring Safe and Resilient Drinking Water Supply...

Teuk Saat 1001 is a Cambodian NGO, who establishes small water production units, called water

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Climate Smart Farming Project

More than 40% of all cultivated soils in Cambodia are medium to severely degraded due

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Strengthening Climate Information and Early...

Changes to global climate conditions are exacerbating the effects of temperature driven hydro meteorological hazards,

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Building the Electric Mobility Ecosystem in...

The number of vehicles per year in Cambodia is growing at 14%, with 3.2 million

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Installation of Demonstration RAM Pump

At the moment across the agriculture sector in Cambodia, those that irrigate do so by

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