Department of Biodiversity

More about Biodiversity

Department of Biodiversity has mission to develop policies, strategies, legislation, and guidelines to ensure integrity biodiversity, ecosystems and sustainable development in Cambodia.

Its key functions include:

  • Focal point​ of UN-CBD and Multilateral Environmental Agreements;
  • Facilitation in developing policies, strategies, legislation, guidelines, plans and programme; 
  • Research and development;
  • Capacity building and awareness raising on biodiversity, ecosystem and biosafety


Department of Biodiversity shall have duties as follows:

  • Develop draft legal instruments, policy, strategic plans, action plans and budget, promote collaboration with relevant stakeholders, build staff capacity of the department, manage finance, conduct internal monitoring, and manage administration relevant to roles and duties of the department;
  • Coordinate and implement legal instruments, policy, strategic plans, action plans, programmes and projects to ensure protection and conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem sustainability and biosafety and deliver M&E and reporting regularly;
  • Design, develop and manage information and knowledge system on biological resources, ecosystem and biosafety; 
  • Conduct scientific and technical research and study and assessment of biological resources, ecosystems, and biosafety in collaboration with national agencies, private sector, and academia;  
  • Develop and strengthen cooperation with development partners, civil society, private sector, academia, and other relevant stakeholders to support conservation and management of biodiversity, ecosystems, and biosafety;
  • Strengthen partnership and international cooperation to mobilise resources for implementation of national policy and programmes on biodiversity and biosafety as well as international agreements on biodiversity and relevant protocols;
  • Design, develop and manage specific facility for management of biological resources, ecosystems and biosafety;
  • Collaborate in the develop and management of botanical parks and gardens for ex-situ conservation and implementation of programme to manage critically endangered species and species harmful to biodiversity, ecosystems and biosafety;
  • Disseminate government measures related to the management of biodiversity, ecosystems, and biosafety to the public, development partners, and international community; 
  • Assess, manage and monitor risks related to trans-boundary movement of living modified organisms in collaboration with national agencies, private sector, and international community;
  • Coordinate the development and management of biodiversity inventory, national report, and implementation of government commitments under United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity and relevant protocols;
  • Coordinate with relevant ministry and agency focal point persons for the work related to management of biodiversity, ecosystems and biosafety;
  • Perform as national focal agency for international conventions, protocols and agreements related to biodiversity; 
  • Develop monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, nine-monthly and annual reports of the department and the Secretariat; and Perform other tasks as assigned by NCSD’s Secretary General.
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