Department of Administration, Planning and Finance

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Key priorities for the Department

  • Design mechanisms for the implementation of the sustainable development agenda at sub-national level, in cooperation with provincial governors;
  • Provide effective support services to NCSD and the General Secretariat on all administrative and financial matters;
  • Strengthening the administrative capacity of the General Secretariat of NCSD to access and manage sustainable development finance.

Budget and staffing of GSSD


NCSD has a modern, flexible, responsive, fully operational and results-based organizational structure and planning framework that is known to be achieving specified results for the people of Cambodia.

Department of Administration, Planning and Finance shall have duties as follows:

  • Provide administration management and coordination of the work of the Secretariat;
  • Manage and ensure delivery of documents of the Secretariat;
  • Propose and facilitate public procurement of the Secretariat;
  • Manage inventory of assets and office equipment and materials of the Secretariat;
  • Manage and build capacity of officials and staff, both permanent and non-permanent, of the Secretariat;
  • Manage accounting and finance of the Secretariat;
  • Manage protocols of the Secretariat;
  • Manage social works of the Secretariat;
  • Facilitate development of action plans, budget plans and M&E plan, take minutes and develop reports of the meeting of the Secretariat; 
  • Develop monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, nine-monthly and annual reports of the department and the Secretariat; and
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by NCSD’s Secretary General.
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