Policies and Plans

The NCSD has developed many legislation, policy documents and plans to support the sustainable development in Cambodia, notably:

  • National Environment Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2023
  • National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2020
  • National Green Growth Strategic Plan 2013-2030
  • National Policy on Green Growth
  • Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan 2014-2023
  • Sectoral Climate Changes Action Plans 2014/5-2018
  • Environment and National Resource Code (Draft)

To support the effective policy development and implementation, NCSD has set out 6 main pillars in its strategic framework: 

  • National Policy and Legal Framework: to equip Cambodia with the enabling policies and laws needed for securing national environmental and natural resource sustainability. 
  • Climate Change: To make Cambodia more resilient to climate change impacts, and facilitate progress in building a low carbon society
  • Biodiversity: To ensure sustained integrity of Cambodia’s biodiversity
  • Green Economy: To drive sustainability in development that secures economic prosperity while safeguarding environmental quality and natural resource integrity
  • Science and Technology: To place Cambodia at the forefront in developing and applying the most appropriate and effective policies and technologies to support sustainability
  • Operations: NCSD has a modern, flexible, responsive, fully operational and results-based organizational structure and planning framework that is known to be achieving specified results for the people of Cambodia.