About NCSD


NCSD is a policy-making body established in May 2015 to promote sustainable development and to ensure economic, environmental, social and cultural balance within the Kingdom of Cambodia. The NCSD was consolidated from four bodies, namely, the National Council of Green Growth and its Secretariat, the National Climate Change Committee and its Secretariat, the National Biosafety Secretariat and the National Biodiversity Steering Committee.

The NCSD comprises 36 ministries and agencies and 25 capital/provincial governors. It is chaired by the Minister of Environment with the Prime Minister as its Honorary Chair. The General Secretariat supports the operation of the NCSD under the direct oversight of the Council’s Executive Committee which consists of 12 members from key Ministries, members of the Council. The Minister of Environment chairs the Executive Committee.

Currently, NCSD has made efforts to improve the coordination of climate change activities in Cambodia and to promote a stronger, comprehensive and effective climate change response, including the preparation of the Cambodian Climate Change Strategic Plan 2014-2023, the Sectoral Climate Change Action Plans and the Climate Change Financing Framework.

NCSD continues to make great progress in the establishment of a strong policy and legal framework to help Cambodians shift to more sustainable, resource-efficient, climate resilient, low carbon modes of development.

Logo of National Council for Sustainable Development

NCSD Chair, Minister of Environment

NCSD Chair,
Minister of Environment

On behalf of the National Council for Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Environment, I would like to express my profound respect and sincere gratitude to Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, for his full support and strong commitment to sustainable development and to addressing climate change, which are chief challenges of Cambodia’s national development process.

The recent institutional reform led to the establishment of the NCSD in May 2015 as a policy-making and coordination institution, which was a significant step to promote sustainable development, and to ensure the economic, environmental, social and cultural balance of the nation. In addition to the role in defining policies and legal frameworks on sustainable development, NCSD has a role in monitoring and reporting on Cambodia’s implementation of its international commitments in areas of sustainable development.

Since its establishment, NCSD has assisted the government in the development of legislation and policies related to the sustainable development – National Green Growth Policy, National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, National Environment Strategy and Action Plan, National REDD+ Strategy, and the upcoming Environment and Natural Resource Code and National Research and Development Agenda for Sustainable Development – and created the inter-ministerial technical working groups for climate change, green economy, biodiversity, and science and technology. The Council has also been instrumental in forging partnerships with national and international institutions to stimulate R&D to promote sustainable development – cooperation with major national universities including climate change research, and a cooperation agreement with Russia on nuclear energy use for peaceful purposes including environmental protection.

The efficiency and overall success of the Council depends on the cross-sectoral cooperation and coordination among concerned stakeholders. The General Secretariat of the NCSD supports Council’s members and the public in identifying and implementing policies on sustainable development in Cambodia. Thus, I call for the steadfast support from all NCSD members at the central and sub-national levels, development partners, non-government organizations, academic, the private sector and the public to ensure sustainable development for all in the Kingdom of Cambodia.