NCSD Mandate

NCSD oversees the country efforts to promote sustainable development, and to ensure the economic, environmental, social and cultural balance of the nation. The Council is mandated to prepare, coordinate and monitor the implementation of relevant policies, strategies, legal instruments, plans, and programmes in all areas of sustainable development and to monitor and report on Cambodia’s implementation of its international commitments to the respective international bodies.

Some of NCSD key roles and responsibilities include:

  • Formulating, directing, and evaluating policies, strategic plans, action plans, legal instruments, programmes and projects related to sustainable development; 
  • Promoting the mainstreaming of sustainable development into relevant policies, legal instruments, strategic plans, action plans, programmes and projects in collaboration with relevant line ministries and agencies;
  • Mobilising resources for implementation of policies, legal instruments, strategic plans, action plans, programmes and projects related to sustainable development;
  • Establishing and fostering partnerships with development partners, private sector, academia, and other relevant stakeholders aimed at supporting sustainable development;
  • Encouraging and promoting research study, education, training, exchange of technologies and dissemination relevant to sustainable development;
  • Proposing national positions and strategies for participating in international agreements, meetings and negotiations relevant to sustainable development;
  • Reviewing and giving approval on national communications under the multilateral environmental agreements to which Cambodia is a party; 
  • Managing government information and communications relevant to sustainable development;
  • Leading, managing and facilitating work related to green economy, climate change, biodiversity conservation and biosafety.