Ensuring Safe and Resilient Drinking Water Supply Services for 3 Communes in Times of Covid-19


Teuk Saat 1001 is a Cambodian NGO, who establishes small water production units, called water kiosks, in rural areas. The water kiosk is a public infrastructure belonging to the commune, who provides a plot of land and access to a water source. To ensure local ownership, an entrepreneur is hired and trained, and then makes a living by managing the water kiosk and selling the water at an affordable price (2 cents USD /L) through home delivery.

A committee composed of the local key opinion leaders is formed to follow the operations and support the entrepreneur to grow his/her activity. Sustainability of the water kiosk is ensured by a franchise model designed by Teuk Saat 1001. Entrepreneurs pay a fixed percentage of their turnover in exchange for a set of services guaranteeing their viability: business coaching, water quality monitoring, and maintenance.

Overall Objective

Mitigate the effects of climate change through ensuring safe drinking for 3 communes in times of COVID-19

Specific Objectives

Access to sustainable, safe and affordable drinking water, through climate change resilient water kiosks, in times of COVID-19, for rural communities in three communes of Siem Reap, Thbong Khmum and Kompong Thom provinces.


The 3 water kiosks will be established in communes of 10,000 inhabitants, benefiting each to around 2,000 people purchasing daily the water. The Water in School program will be implemented in at least 3 primary schools around the new water kiosks, providing free water every school day to around 3,200 children. In addition to selling safe drinking water, the entrepreneurs supply free jugs to nearby primary schools, under the “Water in School” program. By avoiding the CO2 emissions linked to boiling water, and using solar energy, the carbon footprint of Teuk Saat 1001 water kiosk model is positive, with 15,000 tons of CO2 avoided every year in Cambodia.The project will also indirectly benefit the 30,000 people living in the catchment area of the water kiosks reached out to by the health awareness sessions, and who will have gained lifelong access to safe drinking water, even if they haven’t started yet consuming it.

Outputs and Key Activities

Result Key Activities
  • Establishment of water kiosks equipped with solar panels
  • Proving of water in school program
  • Training entrepreneurs to operate the water kiosks: in water treatment process. sales and marketing, business soft skills, and finance
  • Strengthening capacities of water entrepreneurs and communities in the three target communes to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Conduct site selection and/or validation
  • Design water kiosks in the selected areas with climate- resilient and use low carbon technology
  • Train new entrepreneurs to operate the water kiosks based on designed training materials
  • Apply safety procedures and respect social distance when delivering water
  • Promote about good hygiene habits, and free eco-soaps during door-to-door promotion
  • Disseminate COVID-19 hygiene information and education materials around theirs communes and their kiosk

Knowledge Products

• Reports and case studies • Water kiosks • Training materials • Leaflets and flyers

Timeframe Total Budget Partners Location
10 months USD 114,189.00
(From CCCA US$112,879)
1001 Fontaines 3 communes in Thbong Khmum, Siem Reap, Kompong Thom provinces