Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA) - Phase III


Cambodia is consistently ranked amongst the countries most vulnerable to climate change and this is due to a combination of its relatively high reliance on agriculture, forestry and fisheries and low adaptive capacity resulting from the shortage of technically skilled human resources, institutional capacities and adaptation financing. However, efforts made in recent years have allowed Cambodia to develop a comprehensive plan for the climate change response (Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan 2014-23), as well as the corresponding key sector plans.

The Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA)-Phase III builds on the achievements of the first and  second phase (2010-2014, 2014-19) and provides a unified engagement point to pool resources for the mainstreaming of climate change in national and sub-national policies and programmes. CCCA is a joint initiative of the Royal Government of Cambodia and a partnership between UNDP, the European Union and the Swedish Government. It is implemented by the National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) and managed by its Department of Climate Change to address climate change in Cambodia.

    Overall Objective

    The overall objective is to strengthen national systems and capacities to support the coordination and implementation of Cambodia’s climate change response and contributing to a greener, low carbon, climate-resilient, equitable, sustainable and knowledge-based society.

    Specific Objective

    The specific objective is to contribute to strengthening of the implementation of the Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan for 2014-2023.

    Expected Results

    The project will ensure that the following three key results to be achieved:

    • Relevant climate information is generated in a reliable and timely manner, suitable to sectors and targeting specific needs,
    • Tools are developed and implemented for the effective mainstreaming of climate change into policies, regulatory frameworks, programmes and budgets of priority sectors and
    • National capacities for the mobilization, coordination and tracking of public and private climate change resources are strengthened.

    Call for proposals Climate Change Innovation Grants

    The Cambodia Climate Change Alliance Programme Phase III is now launching an innovation grant facility which will provide support to government’s ministries, academia, research institution, NGOs and private sector associations to develop innovative and catalytic climate change projects (as stated in the Grant Application Guidelines) through a competitive process. All interested applicants are invited to develop and submit concept notes. Only selected concept notes will be invited to develop full project proposals.

    CCCA invites concept notes for projects focused on Climate Change Innovation in support of the national climate change priorities, as expressed in the Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan.
    The maximum amount per grant is USD 100,000 (minimum USD 50,000). Eligible institutions include:

    - Government ministries or agencies who are members of the Climate Change Technical Working Group, or their departments/institutes;
    - Non-governmental organizations (local and international registered in Cambodia);
    - Universities and research centers (based in Cambodia for the main applicant - partnerships with international academic institutions are encouraged);
    - Other non-profit entities based in Cambodia, including business associations.

    • First Round - December 2019 - Applications deadline 21 January 2020

                 - Grant Application Guidelines click here
                 - Presentations and Q&A click here

    • Second Round - soon