Project on Climate Change

Pushing Energy Efficiency in Cambodia

Insufficient supply, high electricity prices and grid insecurity make Cambodia a highly suitable market for

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Sustainable Financing for Climate Change through...

Climate impacts have severe consequences on the livelihoods of the majority rural population, which relies

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Resilience and Adaptation Planning for Ecosystem...

AEC Cambodia established and formally registered with Ministry of Interior on 17 January 2019. FAEC

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Scale Pilots to Promote Uptake of Electric Cooking...

Accessing reliable and clean cooking fuels in developing countries is a persistent obstacle for poor

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Enhancing Climate Resiliency through Strengthening...

Cambodia is considered one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change impacts such as

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Waste Water Treatment in Industrial and SMES...

Climate change has become one of the greatest risks that humanity has faced and considered

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CSO-Public partnership to favor safe water access...

Climate change is perhaps the largest threat faced by water systems. It manifests as shock

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Piloting Energy Efficiency and Solar Micro Grids...

Clean energy has been recognized to play an important role in Cambodia’s sustainable energy transition.

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Strengthening Air and Climate Pollution Management...

There are several factors contributing to the degradation of air quality in Cambodia including vehicle

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Mainstreaming Climate Change and Increasing...

Climate change has negative impacts on children’s education through exposure to extreme temperatures, floods, droughts

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