Project on Climate Change

Vulnerability & Impact Research Targeting...

Cambodia has been identified as one of the countries in South-East Asia most vulnerable to

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Fuelling the low carbon development of Cambodian...

The Kingdom of Cambodia, in its Nationally Determined Contribution to the UNFCCC, aims to reduce

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Ecological Intensification and Soil Ecosystem...

Intensive mono-cropping mainly for cassava and maize productions, based on tillage and herbicide use has

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Promoting resilience in agricultural production...

Rational / Relevance: Sustainable climate change adaptation for small-scale farmers is dependent on reducing vulnerability

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Public Awareness of Climate Change in Tourism...

Climate change increases pressure on sustainability of the tourism industry and tourist safety, and also

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Climate Change Knowledge and Capacity through TV...

Since climate change is a serious challenge requiring the active participation of all members of

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Develop and test low carbon resilient approaches...

The increased urbanization rate puts great pressure on land, water and energy supply to accommodate

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Promote Low-Carbon Technologies for Power...

One of the main focus activities of the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) is to

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Promote the Development of Urban and Rural...

Climate change affects the livelihoods of low income communities whose settlements are often devastated by

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Demonstration of RECP, EMS and GHG mitigation and...

Industry and handicraft are vulnerable to climate change and extreme weather. Current climate trends indicate

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