Climate Change Knowledge and Capacity through TV/Radio and Media


Since climate change is a serious challenge requiring the active participation of all members of the society, the most up to date techniques for creating public awareness and action amongst all segments of the population are important to respond to climate change. The complexities and implications of climate change are often poorly understood in Cambodia, even as climate change is becoming a growing area of concern. The KAP (Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice) survey conducted by the National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) found that few Cambodians understand the scientific basis for climate change. Moreover, climate change topics are poorly covered in the public media both on scientific aspects and policy implications.

Overall Objective

The capacity of Ministry of Information staff is built on the climate change and they are able to produce better quality program on adaptation and mitigation for public viewers.

Expected Results

Climate change information developed by MOINFO is accessible and used widely through media (TV and Radio) and social media.


Phnom Penh, Battambang, and Preah Sihanouk province


This project will be implemented in a participatory manner with concerned media agencies and related ministries. Moreover, the project will work on the training needs assessment for Ministry of Information staff and its provincial departments in order to build their knowledge and skills on climate change. The collaboration with other ministries especially NCSD will help to bring together the information about climate change in different sectors and Ministry of information will be the key agency to produce, mobilize and disseminate media content. Routine communication with CCCA/NCSD will be established in order to make sure the TV and Radio programs are coordinated with concerned ministries to ensure the technical quality of the various information products.