Publications on Climate Change

Action Plan Respond to Climate Change in Energy...
December 2020 227

As one of the members of the National Council for Sustainable Development, Ministry of Mine and Energy prepared a Climate Change Action Plan for...

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Grant Application Guidelines: Innovation Grant...
20 October 2020 770

The Cambodia Climate Change Alliance Programme- Phase 3 Grant Application Guidelines for Innovation Grant Round 2 October 2020

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Cambodia’s 1st Biennial Update Report (BUR) under...
13 August 2020 313

Cambodia’s 1st Biennial Update Report (BUR) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) August 2020

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Climate Change Bulletin - May-June 2020
July 2020 167

Climate Change MAY-JUNE 2020

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Case study_Rehabilitated Canals in Kampong Thom...
2019 50

Case study_Rehabilitated Canals in Kampong Thom Help Mitigate Effects of Climate Change_En

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Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Economic...
07 January 2019 1,235

The Climate Economic Growth Impact Model (CEGIM) is the product of the collaborative study done by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), the...

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Green Infrastructure Guide_August 2019_En
01 August 2019 121

Green Infrastructure Guide August 2019

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