Publications on Climate Change

Food waste and climate change
2021 55


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Cambodia Climate Public Expenditure Review 2020...
April 2022 136

Cambodia Climate Public Expenditure Review 2020 (CPER 2020)

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Cambodia: Long-Term Strategy for Carbon Neutrality...
December 2021 1,209

This LTS4CN essentially aims to serve as a roadmap or vision document based on a comprehensive analysis and modelling of all relevant economic sectors...

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A Third Study on Understanding Public Perception...
June 2021 1,441

This study forms part of a series of knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) studies commissioned by the National Council for Sustainable...

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Action Plan Respond to Climate Change in Energy...
December 2020 1,274

As one of the members of the National Council for Sustainable Development, Ministry of Mine and Energy prepared a Climate Change Action Plan for...

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Cambodia Climate Public Expenditure Review 2019...
December 2020 181

Cambodia Climate Public Expenditure Review 2019 (CPER 2019)

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Operational Manual: GCF_NDA_Cambodia_EN_2020
December 2020 180

The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) well recognizes the GCF as a window of funding support and started targeting national stakeholders to raise...

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Grant Application Guidelines: Innovation Grant...
20 October 2020 877

The Cambodia Climate Change Alliance Programme- Phase 3 Grant Application Guidelines for Innovation Grant Round 2 October 2020

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