Climate Change Action Plan in Energy Sector 2021-2023

  • Date of publication: December 2020
  • Institution: Ministry of Mines and Energy
  • Author: Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME)
  • Language: Khmer, English
  • Type: Document
  • Page: 133

As one of the members of the National Council for Sustainable Development, Ministry of Mine and Energy prepared a Climate Change Action Plan for Energy Sector 2021-2023, which is considered as a comprehensive strategic plan that contributed to climate change response in the energy sector for the ministry, agencies, development partners, private sectors, NGOs, and relevant stakeholders and also participate with the international community to combat the impacts of climate change. This document was prepared with the support from: Electricite du Cambodge, Electricity Authority of Cambodia, all relevant departments of the General Directorate of Energy, climate change experts and technical working group through several consultation meetings and workshops with relevant stakeholders to ensure its comprehensiveness and accuracy.

Tag(s): Climate Change Response , Energy , Industry , Sustainable Energy