The Cambodia Energy Efficiency Competition (CEE Comp) is an innovative competition between buildings seeking to boost energy efficiency in Cambodia by addressing behavior change through games and internal challenges. In this initiative, the first ever of its kind in Cambodia, commercial buildings are competing for 1 year to save the maximum amount of energy.

There are only a few weeks left until the end of the first edition of the competition, which will soon terminate at the end of August 2022! In this second quarterly brief, we invite you to discover more about behavior change and communication tools that were used as part of the CEE Comp during this year of competition.

Click here  for downloading CEE Comp Quarterly Brief 2

The Cambodia Energy Efficiency Competition is implemented by the ITC and Sevea. It is a local adaptation of the CUBE competition initiated by the French Institute for Building Performance (IFPEB) as a bid to reduce carbon emissions in France. The CEE Comp is implemented in partnership with the EuroCham, EnergyLab, the Liger Leadership Academy and the IFPEB, as well as with the financial support of Schneider Electric and the National Council for Sustainable Development under the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance Innovation Grant Facility, supported by the European Union, the United Nation Development Program and Sweden.

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