On 14 March 2024, with support of CCCA3, the consultation meeting of the Climate Change Technical Working Group with the development partners on the Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan 2024-2033 was conducted. The strategic paper, with support of the UNICEF, seeks to outline the primary goals and approaches for Cambodia’s ten-year, climate smart growth.

The proposed plan will be fully coherent with the country’s Long-Term Strategy for Carbon Neutrality (LTS4CN) and Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and the outputs of the implementation of the CCCSP 2014-2023. The overall objectives of the consultative meeting are to officially launch and initiate the process of consolidation of the CCCSP 2024-2033 with relevant ministries and government bodies, present the initial draft of the strategic plan, especially strategies in the field of mitigation and adaptation for the country.

The draft CCCSP 2024-2033 includes vision, mission, 3 strategic areas (mitigation, adaptation and governance) and 19 outcomes. The proposed activities, institutional arrangements, and monitoring and evaluation approached were discussed during the group discussion during the workshop to gather feedback and information from the participants.


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