cambodia greenThe Climate Change Policy Development and Knowledge Management or CCPDK, integrates Result 1 and Result 2 of the CCCA. Result 1 has so far been focused on the development of the national Climate Change Sector Strategy. Result 2 has produced the national Climate Change Education and Awareness Strategy.

The Climate Change Education and Awareness Strategy has been finalised. It places a strong emphasis on Knowledge and Information Structures (Knowledge and Information platform), Systems (methods and standard operating procedures) and Tools (education campaigns and materials development)


Communications activities are being developed with key line ministries (MOEYS and MOInfo) and are integrated in the sectoral development plans to gear up for future communication actions through the NCCC. This will lead to Communication Action Plans when the CCSP is finalised.

This combination of policy development and knowledge management provides a flexible and dynamic leverage for sectoral plan development with 8 key line ministries. This activity is expected to be timed for the integration of climate change in the next national strategic development plan of the royal Government of Cambodia.

A first draft of those sectoral plans is already available for download.

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