On 20th December 2022, the DCC with support of the CCCA3 conducted a training on the Implementation Plan of the LTS4CN and NDC / LTS4CN tracking system with aim to strengthen the cooperation and capacity of the national focal points on the NDC / LTS4CN tracking system and to discuss the key LTS4CN indicators and actions to be included to the tracking system. The workshop was led by Dr. Hak Mao, Director of the DCC and the participants included the members of the Climate Change Technical Working group, a total of 50 participants (12 female participants). The results of the workshop were as follows: agreed activities and indicators to be integrated into the NDC/LTS4CN online tracking system from the key sectors, discussed and analyzed challenges and ways forward for the LT4CN implementation and strengthened cooperation for the next reporting round of the commitments starting in January 2023.  

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