On 29th December 2022, the Department of Climate Change of the General Directorate of Policy and Strategy, the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the Ministry (MISTI) and the United Nation for Industry Development Organization (UNIDO) organized a knowledge sharing workshop on “Promoting Energy Efficiency and Heat Stress”. This workshop presided over H.E. Tung Ciny, Secretary of State of the MISTI with facilitation by Dr. Hak Mao, director of the DCC and attended by management of MISTI, officers of the GDPS, representatives from line-ministries, academia research, representatives from UNIDO, and private factories in total of 45 people. This workshop aimed at sharing knowledge and experience on implementing TEST, and learning the best practices from key relevant stakeholders so that other companies can learn and apply accordingly.

Dr. Hak Mao stated Cambodia's high efforts and commitment to global contributions through planning some policies and strategies in response to climate change such as: CCCSP (2014-2023), the Updated NDC, and LTS4CN focusing on GHG reduction, adaptation, budget mobilization, and facilitation mechanism. These strategies will enable Cambodia to capture the potential of a green and resilient economics that will be the key driver of investment and psychological growth in the next decade. At the same time, Cambodia has encouraged the involvement of stakeholders, research academia, private sectors to boost Cambodian climate action and achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

Dr. Hak Mao stressed on the investment on renewable energy, green technology transfers, sustainable transportation, and low carbon development is very important in stimulating the national economy to grow.

As a result, all participants have been better understanding and gained knowledge of the new technology that TEST project is undergoing in institutions, companies, and factories in Cambodia, especially savings and energy efficiency, and from the impact of warming in both the industrial and education sectors.

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