On 23-24th June 2022 a knowledge-sharing event was organized for university partnerships (4 national-international partnerships) to analyze preliminary research results and elaborate policy intervention opportunities with the respective ministries in Battambang. The main objective of the event was to capture best practices to address climate change from the research studies in cooperation with the ministries and come up with possibilities to scale up the research approaches to contribute to the policy work of the ministries. The event was presided over by H.E. Tin Ponlok, Secretary of State of the MoE and the total number of participants was 46.

There was a number of interesting research findings, new technologies, and preliminary results presented and crucial to extend to the future work to address climate change. In addition to that, the next steps to be taken were discussed and the teams analyzed the opportunities to take further such as if the heat stress study could be extended to the health sector and a heat standard to be added to the sub-decree and if the coastal research could be further developed as policy recommendation for the coastal development plans, addressing pollutions and impacts of drought and salt water intrusion caused by climate change.    

After the event, the participants visited the conservation agriculture pilot site of the research project: “Investing into Soil Organic Carbon management ISOC for resilient upland farming (ISOC)” located in Rattanak Mondul district, Battambang province. The group also visited the National University of Battambang to see the research facilities of the university.

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