On Morning Monday 9 Sept 2019, H.E. Tin Ponlok, Secretary General of the National Council for Sustainable Development and Mr. Kenichi Bessho, Minister of the Japanese Embassy to Cambodia are preside over of the Joint Crediting Mechanism Workshop in Cambodia " Contribution to NDC and SDGs Implementation" at Cambodiana Hotel, Phnom Penh organized by the Department of Climate Change and supported by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategy (IGES). This workshop has the participation from Ministries/relevant institutions and both potential private sectors from Japan and Cambodia. The objectives of the workshop are to introduce the experience on formulating JCM projects;  Share ideas on how the JCM contributes to Cambodia’s NDC roadmap; and share ideas on how the JCM contributes toward achieving the SDGs in Cambodia. 

Mr. Kenichi Bessho raised about the support from the Royal Government of Japan in order to promote the cooperation between Ministry of Environment Japan and Ministry of Environment Cambodia on both public and private sectors to jointly implement JCM and enhance the economic growth, social, environment and sustainable development in Cambodia. With this, H.E. Ponlok raised about the effort of the Royal Government of Cambodia in response to climate change coincide with rectangular strategy IV of the government that integrated climate change as priority to take an action appropriately and on time and called for participation of ministries/institutions at national and sub-national level, DPs, private sector/financial, NGOs, Academia to solve this issue. 

Cambodia has developed and has been implementing the Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan 2014-2023 (CCCSP), Climate Change Action Plan 2014-2018 (CCAP), Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) submitted to UNFCCC in 2015 and developing Third National Communication (TNC), first Biennial Updated Report (fBUR) and developing the NDC Roadmap. Ind deed, Cambodia has been promoting Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Nationally Appropriated Mitigation Action (NAMA), and 6 JCM model projects have been implementing their activities in Cambodia.

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