On 16 November 2023, the CCCA3 officer attended a consultation workshop focused on ‘Cambodia Country Self-Assessment for WASH Sector’ held by the Ministry of Rural Development and with the collaboration from UNICEF Cambodia. 

This consultation workshop aims to: 1)- Monitor the progress towards country goals; 2)- Provide opportunities for stakeholders to have constructive conversations about the shortcomings, priorities and challenges of the WASH sector; 3)- Examine and use existing sector documents; 4)- Jointly assess progress and discuss national strategies on political will on WASH, multilateral stakeholders/ relations with other sectors; and 5. Progress on financial commitment and inequality in goal setting.

Moreover, the group discussions were divided to conduct an assessment on WASH sector performance in Cambodia and followed the objectives below:  

   1)- Build and sustain political will to eliminate inequalities in water, sanitation and hygiene; 

   2)-  Champion multi-stakeholder approaches towards achieving universal access to services; and

   3)-  Rally stakeholders to strengthen system performance and attract new investments.

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