On 25th April 2022, H.E. Tin Ponlok, Secretary of State of the MoE and the Second Deputy Chairman of the National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) led the discussion of the Climate Change Technical Working Group on the draft Implementation Plan for Long-term Strategy for Carbon Neutrality (LTS4CN) developed. The draft implementation plan was put together based on the consultations organized with the key stakeholders in March and it aims to guide Cambodia on what practical steps need to be taken in order to achieve the carbon neutrality target set for 2050.

At the meeting, the participants pre-approved the draft plan presented, and comments were received on issues such as the sectoral responsibilities of the actions suggested and collaborating entities to be added to it. The participants also highlighted the importance of the capacity development opportunities for the ministries to implement the LTS4CN plan and its sector-specific actions. The draft implementation plan will be finalized following the recommendations received at the meeting and the plan will be approved later in 2022.

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