On November 28, 2022, Dr. Hak Mao, Director of the Department of Climate Change, and his colleagues participated in the celebration of the November 23 National Environmental Sanitation Day under the theme “Our Motherland, Our Duty, Clean, and Green” in Phum Thmey Community Fisheries, Kep Province and the event was presided over by H.E. Som Piseth, Governor of Kep Province, and H.E. Neth Pheaktra, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment, with about 200 participants. H.E. Som Piseth is grateful to the Ministry of Environment for paying high attention to supporting the protection, conservation, and development of Kep Province. H.E. Neth Pheaktra stressed the importance of management and prevention of plastic waste ending up in the ocean, affecting the beauty and environment of the coastline, and highlighted the roles of the mangrove forests in absorbing greenhouse gases and supporting the community’s livelihood through eco-tourisms. In the event, 3,000 mangrove seedlings were planted and this event is also an awareness-raising activity on the importance of mangrove forests. The event is co-sponsored by two projects: “Climate Change Adaptation through Small-scall and Protective Infrastructure Interventions in Coastal Settlements of Cambodia, CCA4CS” and “Building Climate Resilience of Urban Systems through Ecosystem-based Adaptation in the Asia-Pacific Region, Urban EBA Asia)”, funded by Adaptation Fund and Global Environmental Facility, respectively.


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