Phnom Penh, Ministry of Environment on the 25th Jun 2019: The General Secretariat of National Council for Sustainable Development organized a Fourth Meeting of CCTWG-DP, presided over by H.E. Chuop Paris, Deputy Secretary-General of NCSD and the Chair of the CCTWG, and participated by 9 females and 35 males representing from 12 DPs, 17 CCTWG Members, and the General Secretariat of NCSD. The meeting has objectives to review Cambodia’s National Determined Contribution Roadmap and Stakeholder Engagement Plan, consult on the proposed GCF no-objective procedure, discuss potential Joint Monitoring Indicators (JMI) to be submitted to CDC/CRDB for climate change, and exchange information on new climate change initiatives (CCCA Phase 3 and World Bank’s Mekong Initiative Programme). 

The meeting approved the NDC Roadmap and Stakeholder Engagement Plan and JMI with comments that DCC has to improve before finalization. The Monitoring Indicator for climate change is the “level of institutional readiness for climate change response (from CSDG13 and NSDP) – Information component”. The participants also learnt Cambodia’s GCF Readiness Programme, World Bank’s Mekong Initiative Programme, and the CCCA Phase 3. 

The Meeting of Climate Change Technical Working Group and Development Partners is a regular meeting every six-month. This platform provides a forum for policy dialogue and coordination between all concerned stakeholders, with the overall objective to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the climate change response between the government and the development partners working on climate change response in Cambodia.

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