Diagram of management and channeling systemsMay 2012 - Kampot

The NCCC has made strides in 2011 with the ongoing development of the Cambodia Climate Change Sectoral Plan and the Climate Change Education and Awareness Strategy. As part of the support provided by the CLimate Change DEpartment of the Ministry of Environment and the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance, a large number of projects are also being funded through an innovative Trust Fund Mechanism. To bring all the actors and stakeholders of thes achievements together, the CCD-MOE organised a workshop in Kampot.

The workshop recevied a very large attendance, with the participation of the EU, UNDP, ADB, Embassy of Sweden and also the attendance of all the NCCC state agencies. Some NGOs such as Save Cambodia's Wildlife showed good interest in the discussions.

This meeting was an important even to ensure an aligned vision and approach of the various ongoing activities.

The sectoral approach was further seated in a number of presentations providing status progress on the launch of the Sectoral Plans of the NCCC.

Some of the key issues covered by the workshop were the funding mechanisms. The Trust Fund showed its key role as a flexible structure to ensure a safe and adapted channeling of funds.

For the first time, the Climate Change Awareness and Education Strategy was presented in its final draft form to all participants and was wrmly welcomed by stakeholders.


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