Dr Sithanon (UNDP Consultant) underlines the vision of ownership in the sectoral approachJune 2012 - Phnom Penh

The Climate Change Department, secretariat of the NCCC, with the support of the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance Result 1 (Policies), Result 2 (Communications) and Result 3 (Trust Fund), ran a consultation workshop that provided the recipients of the Result 1 sectoral grants the opportunity to present their progress report on the development of Sectoral strategies and Action Plans.

 Dr Sithanon (photo), underligned that by developing their sectoral plans, each agencies is becoming a full pledged 'owner' of the current sectoral strategy.


img 0661This event was a timestamp for both the Cambodia Climate Change Sectoral Plan (CCCSP) and the Climate Change Education and Awareness Strategy (CCEAS). As each agency prepares its specific sectoral policies to support further actions, the Awareness and Education Strategy was also emphasised to ensure that each plan developed contains strong elements of communication, namely for the better flow of knowledge and information by sectors.

A key example of this was the presentation by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports revealing its fitting to the CCEAS by providing a strong climate change support to formal and non fromal education and the inclusive aspects of its ongoing strategy of Education for Sustainable Development.

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