Green Urban Development Program 2015 - 2016 (GUDP-Phase I)


With the commitment of sustainable development, the Royal Government of Cambodia has initiated the mainstreaming of green growth concepts into its development plans and policies throughout cross-cutting sectors. In 2010, the Green Growth Roadmap was developed and this was followed by the National Policy on Green Growth (2013) and National Strategic Plan on Green Growth 2013 - 2030. This program aligns to the existing policies by looking green city development in Phnom Penh which was expected as the model for other secondary cities across Cambodia. In addition, it aim to achieve its goals under its core planning documents – the Rectangular Strategy and National Strategic Development Plan 2014-2018 – through increasing the competitiveness of its secondary cities (municipalities) and Phnom Penh, by strengthening their infrastructure (transport, energy, waste etc.) and enabling environment for green business. 

Overall Objective

  1. Assess the currrent master plans in place for Phnoom Penh throught a green growth lens to see what gaps are in place and areas that are not aligned with Cambodia's National Strategic Plan on Green Growth (2013 - 2030) and
  2. Prioritize a number of green city projects for implementation focusing on sustainable transport, sustainable waste management, green urban spaces, energy efficiency, renewable energy and urban climate change resilience. 

Expected results

  1. Green City Strategic Plan for Phnom Penh and Green City Strategic Plan Methodology are developed,
  2. Green City Investment Action Plan prepared, and
  3. a list of green city investment projects is developed.

Project Related

  1. Prefeasibility Study for Fund to Improve Access to Finance for Energy Efficiency at SMEs in the Manufacturing Sector and
  2. Investment Action Plan for Wastewater Treatment in Peri-urban Areas of Phnom Penh (IAPWT)