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Target 1 - developed long-term low emission strategy

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Action Details Input Description
Technology Availability Yes The document was developed with a team of national and international experts using various modeling tools.
Number of women/ % of women participation- 32.0%/0.0% The core LTS development team included around around 50% of female experts and the consultations conducted had around 14% female participants.
Youth (engaged, not engaged, description) No
Private sector (engaged, not engaget, description) Yes The private sector representatives of the Climate Change Technical Working Group attended the consultations organized.
Capacity Support Needed
  1. The implementation of the LTS will require financial, technical and human capacity to be developed in all sectors.


Financial Costs (USD)


No. Budget Financed By Funding Details Year
156 135,000
Cambodia Climate Change Alliance
157 0
Cambodia Climate Change Alliance
158 30,000
United Kingdom

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