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Action Details Input Description
Technology Availability Yes
Youth (engaged, not engaged, description) Yes
Private sector (engaged, not engaget, description) No
Capacity Support Needed
  1. Provide Capacity building to member of GCCC, PDOWA ,and line PDs such as Gender Concept, Mainstreaming Gender to Climate Change, Green Growth and disaster
  2. 1- Empowering women's economic, 2- Education for women and girls, 3- Health for women and girls, 4- Prevent violence against women and girls, 5- Women in Public sector and politic.


Financial Costs (USD)


No. Budget Financed By Funding Details Year
1184 55,000
UN Women
The project focuses on the capacity building in terms of gender mainstreaming in climate change and disaster risk management for data management in Cambodia. Key challenges and gender indicators in climate change and disaster risk were introduced to line ministries gender in climate change group and representatives. 2022

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