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Target 1 - Capacity Development Participation

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Target 2 - Receiving extension services

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Target 3 - Reduction in hour spent on agricultural activities

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Action Details Input Description
Technology Availability Yes Crop production manuals (e.g. SRP, GAP, Post-harvest technologies/tools, Agricultural Organic Standards, irrigation facilities, saving water technologies/tools, green houses) and Irrigation facilities and agricultural machinery tools/ equipment), Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), Agroforestry, Integrated Soil and Nutrient management (ISNM), Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Botanical pesticide production, organic fertilizer, Conservation Agriculture (CA), water saving techniques (rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation etc.) and post-harvests and processing technologies and improving stress tolerant species and variety selection, crop rotation, mixed cropping /companion planting, integrated farming system approach, Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS), water saving techniques (drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting and storage, integrated aquaponics systems), Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP),Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Organic Agriculture, ISNM, Integrated Pest management (IPM), water saving techniques, System of Rice Intensification (SRI), Complex Rice System (for example duck-rice farming), on-farm seed conservation and selection technics and post-harvests technologies, Sustainable landscape management (land levelling, integrated micro-watershed management).
Number of women/ % of women participation- Capacity Development Participation 31.0%/35.0% 31% of women from the National, sub-national, Agriculture Cooperative and Private Sectors trained on the relevant climate resilient agriculture and business development
Number of women/ % of women participation- Receiving extension services 0.0%/35.0%
Number of women/ % of women participation- Reduction in hour spent on agricultural activities 25.0%/35.0% 25% of women are promoted in the research on Melon Germplasm Catalog of Cambodia-I as well and extend support to under graduate and post-graduate reach study on the relevant climate resilient agriculture.
Number of women/ % of women participation- Leadership position in project activities 0.0%/25.0%
Youth (engaged, not engaged, description) Yes Youth represent 47.1% in agriculture sectors. They will be engaged in capacity development, technology transfer in relation to sustainable agriculture including Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), Good Agriculture Practice (GAP), and pre and post-harvest techniques. Youth will be strongly involved in Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP), and Agriculture Cooperative (ACs), enterprise development and agro-business activities to ensure food security and income generation among the youth groups.
Private sector (engaged, not engaget, description) Yes The private sector players active in capacity development, investment of technology innovation to adapt with the climate sensitivity (i.e. suitable agriculture equipment and machinery), improved access to quality inputs, pre- and post-harvest technologies, processing and marketing.


Financial Costs (USD)


No. Budget Financed By Funding Details Year
165 3,227.0
The Project for Capacity Building for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Agriculture Produce. The project focus on the Basic Capacity of Pesticide residue. laboratory is improved and appropriate pesticide management is strengthening 2021
166 69,657
Food and Agriculture Organization
Building capacity on promoting economically and environmentally efficient rice production through direct-seeded rice. The project aimed to improve farmers' livelihoods through enhancing resilience, food security and environment 2021
167 52,210
Food and Agriculture Organization
Developing capacities in agricultural innovation systems: scaling up the Tropical Agriculture Platform framework. The project The action aims at improving effectiveness of public policies on agricultural research and extension services and technology development for climate change adaptation and mitigation of agriculture and food systems in low and middle-income countries. 2021
168 183,250
Food and Agriculture Organization
Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition Project (FMM/GLO/138/MUL). The project aims to contribute to closing the gender gap in agriculture by enhancing rural women's economic empowerment and strengthening their crucial role in rural development, decision-making and in resilience building, as agents of change. 2021
169 180,000
Food and Agriculture Organization
Strengthening institutional and technical capacity for safe food through implementation of food safety measures and certification schemes for agricultural products in Cambodia to combat "COVID-19". The objective of this project is to strengthen institutional and technical capacity for safe food through implementation of food safety measures and certification schemes for agricultural products in Cambodia. 2021
170 50,000
Food and Agriculture Organization
Support for Developing and Implementing Management Strategies in response to Fall Armyworm (FAW) incursion in Asian countries. The project is To strengthen capacity and capability of the technical officers, extension officers and farmers in managing FAW. 2021
171 9,846,559
Agricultural Services Programme for Innovation, Resilience and Extension (ASPIRE). The Programm goal is to reduce poverty and increase resilience of poor and vulnerable smallholder farmer in Cambodia. The intention to move to a programme- based approach is expressed in the programme's development objective, which calls for an enhanced model of agriculture service by 2021 with the aim of assisting a diversity of smallholder farmers to contribute to broad-based economic growth through profitable and resilient farm businesses. 2021
172 5,461.1
The Project for Rice Seed Production and Promotion/ System for producing and distributing quality rice seed is established and functions properly in the target provinces 2021

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