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Technology Availability Yes - Existing know-how and policies to reduce global buildings sector energy use by 2050. - Key Findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report – Climate Change Implication for Buildings.
Number of women/ % of women participation- 50%/0% Women will be actively involved in the implementation of the project thanks to memberships of women in cross-cutting sectors and from the national to sub-national levels and classification of women as one of vulnerable groups.
Number of women/ % of women participation- 0%/0%
Youth (engaged, not engaged, description) Yes Youths would be relevant workshop and event participants, employees and workers.
Private sector (engaged, not engaget, description) Yes Private sector would be engaged in the process by learning from standards and applying these gained knowledge to their projects and business operations/activities
Capacity Support Needed
  1. Relevant orientation, awareness and capacity building workshops for NCDM and PCDM and key public and private stakeholders.
  2. Project justification and benefits: Implement climate change and disaster resilient construction and infrastructure standards: - Increased infrastructure resilience to withstand impacts of disasters - Interlinked with energy-efficiency policies for Climate Change Adaptation. Technical guidelines cross-beneficial to other sectors - Potential for community groups (e.g. school support committees) to be involved in construction/retrofitting - Increased energy-efficiency, and use of climate-aware products


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1454 1
NCDM Government Budget
1455 1
WFP, PIN, UNDP, DCA, ActionAid, Oxfam

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