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Target 1 - workers

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Target 2 - of women workers report improving condition

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Action Details Input Description
Technology Availability Yes
Number of women/ % of women participation- of women workers report improving condition 25.0%/75.0% - Women account for 25% of the industry workforce and around 85% of GTF workers, Cambodia’s largest industrial sector. Adaptive actions to reduce heat stress in occupational settings, such as GTF factories, will significantly affect women due to their high participation. - Heat stress can lead to heatstroke and may even have a fatal outcome. Heat stress adaption actions will improve public health by reducing exposure to dangerous temperatures and working conditions 75% of women workers report improved working conditions
Youth (engaged, not engaged, description) Yes 75% are youth participanting in the trainings
Private sector (engaged, not engaget, description) Yes The private sector will play a large role in driving adaption actions, motivated by labor productivity and associated profits, but the government can provide support through raising awareness, information, advice, and policy implementation. Depending on the actions, other government entities and actors will need to be involved.
Capacity Support Needed
  1. Participation, Knowledge, and Awareness are limited. Technical staff (ToT) is also needed


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Ministry of Economy and Finance
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