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Target 1 - Cattle Breeds

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Target 2 - Piglet Breeds

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Target 3 - tons of meet production

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Target 4 - Beneficiaries

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Action Details Input Description
Technology Availability Yes AI, feed fodder, cooling systems and deworming, and vaccine programmes
Number of women/ % of women participation- Beneficiaries 0.0%/23.0% 50% of women are engaged to participate in livestock management, fodder crop, disease control.
Youth (engaged, not engaged, description) Yes Youth represent 5% in animal production. They will be supported in capacity building and animal breeding technology to adapt to climate change. Youth engagement will be promoted through whole process of animal production value chain.
Private sector (engaged, not engaget, description) Yes Private sector/ animal husbandry farm owners will be supported on AI technology to produce and sell high quality of cattle sperm, to improve the quality of cattle productions. They will provide technical support and extension services to smallholders for improving adaptive capacity and household production


Financial Costs (USD)


No. Budget Financed By Funding Details Year
176 11,045,500
Ministry of Economy and Finance
The budget is based on the estimation under the ASDP 2019-2023 2021

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